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About Organo


At Organo our target is to build a solid scientific bureau to be one of Iraqi’s most successful bureaus based on skilled marketing and promotion teams, modern offices, warehouses and experienced supporting functions to provide the best sales and customer service, therefore, we have focused all of our efforts to provide the Iraqi market with high-quality products and significant services to meet our customers’ needs.


At Organo, we believe that a successful company must have the capability to adapt to all circumstances and changes while maintaining the level of service and commitments that society demands, therefore, we are convinced of the need to build and maintain close cooperative relationships with our customers through initiative and value-added programs.


Finally, at Organo we trust that none of this is possible without our team, therefore, we continue to invest in our team through regular training within modern levels that allows our team to grow and develop simultaneously with the company.

Organo Vision


Our vision is to be in the forefront among all pharmaceutical distributors in Iraq being recognized through our highly qualified products, variety of services and promotional and marketing teams that reach the most distant of Iraq’s provinces, areas and districts.

Organo Vision


By providing the high-quality healthcare products for patients with affordable prices, elegant services for the customers and fulfilling perfect working environment for our teams.


Founded in 2006 by Mr. Anwer Rahman to become the leading company for distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in Iraq. Based in Erbil, the Northern part of Iraq is called the Kurdistan region. The region enjoys political and security stability.

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