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  • : 2017/07/03
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  • : 4 years قبل الان

Based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan’s capital city, Organo Company is trying to become the leading medical supplies provider in Iraq in general and Kurdistan Region in particular. The logic for this vision is simple: Organo Company has been one of the fastest growing companies in Iraq since its inception in 2006 with a capital of only US$1 million – now its import capacity is well beyond US$50 per year after achieving total financial stability.

Since its establishment, Organo Company has worked hard to provide the best quality and cost effective medical products from renowned world brands, excellent customer support, as well as fair and competitive prices. And key in achieving this has been our strong commitment to the professional code of ethics as well as all applicable laws choosing only to provide the best quality products maintained and shipped under stringent guidelines and controls to ensure fast, reliable, error free delivery.

Organo currently provides a comprehensive range of medical products from European, Indian as well as Egyptian manufacturers to more than 300 drug stores and health facilities in all corners of Iraq. It is important that our business partners are guaranteed satisfaction and for that Organo has put into service a whole team of dedicated sales, marketing, and management representatives. Who offer excellent distribution and delivery services.

Organo believes in building long-term relationships that are of mutual benefit both for us and our business partners, through sustained private market performance capitalizing on the existing tender business and expanding our presence.